Desktop Conferencing Takes Tech Conferences to New Levels

Web 2.0 has taken the concept of tech conferences to another level. Previously, there was desktop conferencing which was video conferences conducted from your personal computer. In video conferencing, you can communicate with another person through video and audio feeds which help the participants to hear and see each other. Private businesses use this mode of conferencing for scheduling meetings with individuals who are physically unable to attend the conference.

These tech conferences are attended using desktop computers for communicating with offsite employees. Basic software and hardware is required for the purpose including a webcam, video conferencing program and a microphone. Web conferencing is carried out through desktop or video conferencing using the internet in settings that are identical to a conference room. Desktop conferences can be supported with basic and free programs to exclusive video conferencing programs that are designed with businesses in mind.

Potential of Desktop Conferencing

Commercial video conferencing programs use high end audio and video hardware and webcam conferencing software which is usually available free of cost. Some of the common software programs used for tech conferences include Skype, iVisit, Video chat, Google Voice and WebEX. Web conferencing is a handy tool because it helps people across different physical locations to establish sound and video connections with one another. Desktop conferencing also has the advantage of offering a user a comparatively inexpensive way of communicating with friends, family members and business associates in a more personal manner than what the telephone allows.

You can use gestures and visual aids to communicate. If you really want to make the most of desktop conferencing, you must surmount the different technical issues like computer glitches and poor internet connection which can affect the quality of your video conference. This is why people often resort to wired internet connectivity instead of wireless ones for video conferencing purposes.

The method of video conferencing generally depends on the usage of webcam, a video camera which is connected to the PC with the help of a USB plug. Often, tech conferences are conducted with the help of microphones that are attached to the webcam, although for some users, it is too limiting since movement is restricted. The user should pay attention to video conferencing services. Usually, the participants of the tech or web conference should go for similar video conferencing software like the other people in the group.

Web 2.0 Conferencing

Web 2.0 conferencing refers to the interactive nature of the internet which allows users to take part in it, rather than viewing it passively. The increasing diversifications of the internet have led to better capability, the offshoot of which is the Web 2.0 tech conferences. Today, it is known by other names like the Web 2.0 Expo and Web 2.0 Summit. Web 2.0 has emerged as a vital player that helps assess the changes taking place in the web as well as in the field of computer programming.

The Web 2.0 tech conference took place for the first time in 2004 in San Francisco, featuring speakers who developed Internet applications. The conference was designed with the investors and business entrepreneurs in mind, to inform them about the intricacies of the web and its prospects in bringing about new developments.

Aspects that Influence the Success of Tech Conferences

The execution of tech conferences requires planning to assess the specific needs and technical aspects along with regular conference events. While planning technical conferences may seem challenging, appropriate knowledge of the basics can take you a long way in creating an enjoyable and successful conference.

The organizer not only focuses on the aspects that affect any other conference, but also includes the unique requirements of tech conferences such as networks, projectors, computers and mobile devices and other forms of technology. Planning should be made way in advance with a particular budget in mind so that the execution is flawless.

How to Make Tech Conferences Successful

The first thing required to ensure the success of a tech conference is the body of information which announces the conference. The announcement is usually done with the help of a brochure or email. Before sending out any information, you or the organizer should have everything in the right place.

Reserve the conference venue in advance. The location must be big enough to hold additional attendees. The organizer of the tech conferences should consider the refreshments that will be provided at the venue and if it should be catered. They should also consider people having special dietary requirements. Make sure that there are lots of beverages like coffee, tea and water available throughout the conference.

Establish the sessions of the tech conference. A scheduling of the time should be provided for the title and session, the person who will conduct the session and if they hold any important credentials.

The organizers of tech conferences plan instances of attendees outside the town. It might imply visiting the local hotels to check whether they offer discounts or block a few rooms for the purpose of the convention. The attendees should be offered different choices of locations, if possible.

The technical conference should be divided into different sessions. You may assist the attendees by guiding them with a map, if the venue is large. The schedule of the times, title, people conducting the session and their credentials should also be included in the itinerary.

The conference may give out small gift bags as a token. This of course depends on the conference size and is appreciated by the attendees. The bag can include a welcoming letter, map of the sessions, information of identification, and small mementoes or giveaways. Get in touch with local businesses to check whether they can contribute small items or coupons for the bags.

It is absolutely important for the conference planner to know precisely what technology every presenter requires. Most of the presenters will carry their own laptops, although you should be ready with extra laptops if any technical problems arise. The attendees and presenters will find it easier if a Wi-Fi complex is set up. With the help of an LCD projector, attendees may view the information. For this, the conference planner should look for a blank wall or screen for projection. Stands and tables are required for placing technical equipment.

Microphones should be provided to the presenters for the attendees to hear them. Delays should be avoided by setting them up and checking them in advance to avert delays. If any technical equipment is not available, they should be rented and set up beforehand.

Successful tech conferences can be organized through meticulous planning. Any problems or glitches can be minimized by double checking before the conference.

What Goes Into the Planning of Tech Conferences?

Tech conferences are modern day solutions for learning and networking. The challenge of a technical conference is that it requires a high amount of planning which can be achieved with dedication and assistance.

Aspects of Conducting Tech Conferences

It is necessary to have a planning committee in place as tech conferencing is a major affair. The team can help you with different points of view and the powers of delegation. The next aspect is to handle the causes and contents of your conference. What are your goals and objectives? If it is a high tech topic, the venue of the conference is important, along with the scheduling and the offers of the conference.

Do not ignore logistics. When do you intend to conduct the conference and what it the duration? Estimate the number of people who will attend the tech conference. If you want sponsors, you might need to do some research. This takes time; so it is best to plan ahead.

Deciding on the place is important. Different conference locations may be available, but you should know what you want. Sometimes, large and open spaces may be required or you may look for small conference rooms. Seeking the help of the site coordinator can prove beneficial as to the selection of convention or holiday space.

The next step is to obtain the hotel contract or letter of agreement in writing. This is an important aspect of tech conferences as it helps in the detailing of any sleeping or conference rooms that have been booked in the contract. It also helps in the assessment of whether you have booked for other amenities within the conference space.

Finally, you need to plan out your program really well. There are 3 primary considerations for planning your tech conferences. These include events, conference presentations and finally scheduling. You will understand that there are some events which are absolutely indispensable such as orientation and registration. The other aspects are not that important including field trips and tours which are usually tailored according to the particular needs of the conference.

Presentations are often based on the details of your tech conferences. For instance, if you are dealing with a highly technical topic such as robotics analysis, you need time to display the robots that have been built with the help of robotic techniques.

Do not ignore aspects like scheduling or blocking off of time. You might require devoting more time to Q&A rounds or to networking issues. Check whether the conference venue offers food or if dining options are located nearby. This is important as it affects the timing dedicated to meals.

Planning tech conferences is not easy. It is not enough to have sound technical knowledge. This information should be coupled with practical thinking and value judgment to make optimum usage of your resources. Having a checklist of the number of heads, the total amount of money invested and overall experience helps in the future. By seeking the help of conference managers and event planners, you can take your tech conference to the next level.

Poker Software Learning Tools

Poker is a lot of fun to play and it is often something that a person wants to learn. The problem is that they do not know how to go about getting educated. The first thing the person needs to consider is what type of teaching style works best for them. Are they someone who does well when they are being taught by someone who is critical, or do they prefer a patient teacher? Once the person has decided this, they need to look at their circle of poker playing friends and see if any of them would be a compatible instructor.

If the person does not have any friends who are able to instruct them on how to play poker, the individual might want to turn to their computer. The world is full of full tilt poker download software that is designed to help people learn how to play poker. The great thing is that the game will not get frustrated when the player is having a difficult time grasping a basic concept. The down side to playing poker on the computer is that they person is playing against a machine instead of an actual person. They are not going to learn how to develop their observation skills nor are they going to be able to learn how to bluff.

Many professional poker players seem to make just about as much money creating instructional DVD’s as they do playing the actual game. Every single professional has a least one DVD that they swear will teach every single person how to play poker. The DVD’s are great. They usually contain a great deal of information about not just the game, but also tips and strategy. The problem is that the video only covers on or two sets of circumstances. Another issue with the videos is that methods that work for one person might not work for everyone else. If a person feels that the instructional DVD’s are the best way to learn the game, they should purchase videos that feature several different players so they can determine which methods are going to work best for them.

Some players feel that they learn better when they can read something as opposed to when they just see it. There are nearly as many books that have been written by the pros as there are videos. The pros and cons of the DVD’s also apply to the books.

There are full tilt poker schools that they person can choose to attend. Some of these schools take place in a real world setting over a weekend. Others are online. The price of the schools can get quite expensive, but it is an excellent way for the person to get a well-rounded education. Since the school is being taught by an actual person, they student can ask questions and get some valuable feedback.

At some point the student is going to have to play in order to learn. When they reach this point they should start with the lowest stakes possible and keep an eye on how much they have lost.

Heads-Up Texas Holdem Strategy

There are a few occasions when playing online poker where you’re going to need to know how to play heads-up poker. If you make it deep in a tournament then you’re going to need to play heads-up in order to win the tournament. You can also play heads-up tournaments and cash games which are both continually growing in popularity. Many poker players have been playing more heads-up games because of the fact it takes more skill and less luck. We’re going to spend some time going over the most effective heads-up poker tips and strategy.

* In order to be a successful heads-up pocker player you need to be really aggressive. If you generally sitout most tournaments waiting for monster hands only you’re going to be the type of player that excels at heads-up poker. When you play heads-up poker you need to rely on your poker game more so then the cards you’re actually being dealt. In heads-up poker you need to bet based on how your opponent plays rather then your own hand.

* When you’re playing heads-up poker any two cards are playable as long as the price is right. If you can limp into the pot with a 7-6 type of hand you could easily win the pot if you happen to hit a straight or two pairs. Of course if the hand has been raised by your opponent then you should fold unless you have a semi decent hand. You also want to mix things up as you play so that you don’t become predictable to your opponent.

* When you have your opponent in a stranglehold you need to be really careful about how you finish them off. Jus because your opponent is short stacked doesn’t mean that you need to call their all-in every single time. If you don’t have anything then you should just fold your blind and wait for another spot. Nothing is worse then putting your opponent in a stranglehold and then doubling them up 2-3 times which puts them back in the game.

* In a heads-up poker game on PokerStar you’re not going to see two big hands in the same hand generally. If you’re sitting with top pair in a heads-up game then chances are you have the best hand. There will be some cooler hands where you have a good hand and still end up losing, but this doesn’t happen that often. You definitely can’t wait for the nuts in a heads-up game to commit your chips.

* If you’re playing heads-up poker tournaments then you really need to manage your bankroll carefully. You need to win a decent percentage of these tournaments in order to make any decent amount of money from them. One of the common reasons why heads-up poker players go broke is because they’ll frequently jump limits when they have no right moving up. For instance, many people will lose a $10 heads-up tournament and then they’ll automatically start playing a $20 heads-up game. The problem with doing this is that you can easily go broke if you lose a few tournaments in a row.

Phil Laak Biography

Phil Laak is one of the most popular poker players in the world due to the fact that he has such a great personality at the poker tables. If you have ever seen Laak playing poker on the television before then you’ll understand what I mean when I say he has one of the best personalities in poker. You will be hard pressed to ever see Phil Laak get angry at the poker table as he’s always having fun whether he is winning or losing.

Laak first started playing poker when he was just seven years old, but he didn’t focus on poker until he was much older. Many people don’t know this, but Phil has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering which isn’t easy to complete. Once Laak graduated he worked a ton of different jobs including being a Repo Man and Sports Betting Broker. Once he started playing poker again he realized he could make it a career and he has done just that.

Phil played poker for about five years before he started to play full-time and this is normal. If you’re inspiring to be a pro poker player then you need to realize it can take years before you’re good enough to make it a career. Laak has always preferred to play tournaments over cash games although he does play both regularly. Laak became famous for always wearing a hooded sweater at the poker tables. Every time Laak would play a big hand he would always zip up his hood so that you couldn’t see his face.

Laak has definitely matured a bit since his early poker star days as you won’t be able to find him wearing his hooded sweaters that much anymore. Phil has also played a lot of poker on TV including appearances on Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker. Phil has won 1 WPT Title, but has never been able to win a WSOP Bracelet yet. Laak has been going out with actress Jennifer Tilly for years now and I’m sure they’re going to get married eventually. Jennifer is Phil’s biggest fan and the both of them play poker together all the time.

Although most of Phil’s time is spent playing poker nowadays he has still found time to make money in other industries. Laak is known to invest money into the stock market and real estate market, but I don’t know how good he has done with these investments. With Phil being as smart as he is though, I’m sure that he has some very good investments which will secure his retirement after he’s done playing poker.

Laak has plenty of friends in the poker world due to the fact he’s always having fun. One of his best friends is Antonio Esfandiari who is also a professional poker player. Antonio and Phil lived together for awhile before Laak moved out to Las Vegas. They have remained great friends over the years and they try to always sit down with other friends for a house poker game every once in awhile.

If you’re a fan of Phil Laak then you’re going to want to check out his new poker room called “Unabomber Poker” which is opening up on the Cake Poker Network. Laak seems really motivated to make the poker room work and if he can grow it to anything like Doyle Brunson’s poker room then I’m sure it will be a great place to play online poker.

Doyle Brunson Biography

If you know anything about poker then you probably have heard about Doyle Brunson since he happens to be the most influential poker player in the games entire history. Doyle has been playing poker since he was very young, but didn’t begin playing it full-time until he was practically forced too. As a youngster Brunson was one of the best basketball players in the United States and he was offered many scholarships due to this.

During the preseason before Brunson started playing basketball he had an accident at his job in a factory. He ended up breaking his leg and he still needs to walk around with a cane nearby. Once he was injured he started to play poker in the underground poker games around Texas and ended up doing really well. He became apart of a group of poker players in Texas known as the “Texas Rounders” that ruled all of the underground poker action in the state.

After playing poker for awhile Brunson ended up being diagnosed with cancer and was told that he would most likely not make it. Doyle ended up beating the cancer and has since gone on to transform the game of Texas Holdem into a mainstream sport. Once the casinos in Las Vegas opened up Doyle travelled down there to begin playing as it was legal and he didn’t need to worry about anything happening to him.

Doyle has won a total of 10 WSOP Bracelets in his poker career and he’s still regularly found playing in the events today. Brunson has also played in many of the other major poker events such as the European Poker Tour and World Poker Tour. Since playing poker over the past few decades he has also written a lot of great poker books including Super/System which is a complete guide on how to play Texas Holdem.

Since writing his first book he has also contributed to the growth of poker by writing many other great books which people still use today as a resource. He also writes many poker columns for some excellent resources including the Telegraph. There is no doubt that Brunson has been an excellent resource to the poker world and even at the age of almost 80 he still continues to write poker training articles to help grow the poker world.

If you want to possibly have the chance to play against Doyle you can play at his online poker room called or you could possibly play him in Vegas if you have enough to sit down at the high limit tables. If you’re trying to model after another famous poker player in the world then Brunson is easily one of the best options. He has won countless rewards in the poker world including being the most influential poker player in the world. There aren’t many poker players that can say they have been playing poker for decades and in underground taverns when the game wasn’t mainstream, but Brunson is one of the only ones that can.

How to Increase Your Poker Rakeback Earnings

Since basically everyone has rakeback on their online poker account by now I figured I’d share some simple tips that’ll allow you to earn more money. With the amount you earn from rakeback dependant mainly upon how much poker you play there are some sure-fire ways to increase your earnings by implementing some simple tips. You should definitely try out the tips before, but always remember that you should be comfortable playing. There is no point increasing the amount of money you earn from rakeback if you can’t keep your winning ratio the same.

* You can increase your poker rakeback earnings by simply moving up limits, but you should only do this if you think you’re ready to move up limits. Often moving up limits isn’t that big of a deal, the most important thing is that you have the bankroll to actually move up limits. If you don’t have the right sized bankroll then you shouldn’t move up limits until you’ve won more money and increased your bankroll.

* Another way to increase your rakeback is by playing more tables. I would honestly rather play more tables then move up limits. You still need to make sure you have a big enough bankroll to multi-table, but if you do then this is a great option to earn more rakeback. When you multi-table you need to make sure you have a comfortable set-up so that you can focus on simply playing poker.

* Generally cash game players will earn a lot more rakeback then tournament players will. I don’t recommend playing cash games if you’re a tournament player, but if you play both then you should try playing more cash games as you’ll earn more money in rakeback for your time spent playing.

* A lot of poker rooms not only offer ultimatebet rakeback to players nowadays, but they also host many special promotions which are solely for rakeback players. Many poker rooms have promotions such as freeroll tournaments and rake races which you can participate in only if you’re a rakeback player. With hundreds of thousands of dollars available to be won each month by playing in the added promotions there is no reason not to participate in them.

* When you’re looking for a rakeback account there are several things that you can look for in order to make sure you’re earning the most possible rakeback. Some poker rooms offer players a higher percentage then other poker rooms so you should shop around to find the best deal. Certain poker rooms charge fees for rakeback players such as fees for bonuses you earn and so on. I also try to join poker rooms that don’t charge any fees to their rakeback players.

* If you haven’t already checked out Full Tilt Poker rakeback they have a new poker game known as “Rush Poker” which allows you to play around 300 hands per hour on one table. This is way more hands then you could ever expect to play on a normal poker table. If you have the focus and ability to play rush poker and remain profitable then I would recommend giving it a shot since the amount you’ll earn from rakeback is huge.

Early Poker Tournament Strategy

Tournament poker play is an entirely different beast from cash game play. Tournament play varies greatly depending on a large number of factors like how far into the tournament you are, the size of your chip stack, and many others. Knowing how to play in each of these different scenarios is vital to your success when playing in poker tournaments. The very first part of tournament play you must master is early tournament play. Unless you know how to play well early on in the tournament, you will rarely get past this phase of play.

Early in the tournament, your primary focus should be growing your chip stack as quickly as you can without taking too many risks. During this phase of the tournament, there is a good deal of mediocre to poor players in most tournaments, so exploiting these people is vital to the quick growth of your chip stack. The first step to being able to exploit these players is identifying them and getting yourself involved in favorable positions with them. Players who are consistently extremely aggressive or players who treat the tournament like a cash game are usually good targets to go after during this phase of the tournament.

Knowing where the players stand at your current poker table is vital to your success in a tournament. Finding yourself in a hand with someone who is a better player and with a larger stack can lead to disaster so picking and choosing your battles is important. Try to get involved primarily with smaller stacks unless you have an extremely good hand; in which case, you should not be afraid to shove all of your chips into the middle. As long as your chip stack can grow faster than the pace of the blinds, you will be in a good position to make it into the later stages of the tournament.

If for some reason your chip stack starts to get small, you are going to have to make a move and make one quickly or you run the danger of being knocked out. Unlike in a cash game, you cannot sit around and wait forever for the cards to come to you because the blinds are constantly increasing in size. As such, if you find yourself on a short stack you need to make a quick decision on where to go all in and get your chips in the middle. Over the course of a tournament, chances are good that you are going to be all-in multiple times so picking the best opportunities to go all in will help your statistics.

Overall, the early phase of a pokerstars tournament will set you up for the rest of the tournament. By making sure that you push out the weak players and extract as much money out of them as possible while avoiding confrontations with better players, you will greatly increase your chances of seeing later stages of the tournament.